How to choose the perfect blinds for doors

Doors with windows are beautiful, but leave our homes feeling less private than we’d like. Learn how to choose the right blinds to perfectly fit your French doors, sliding doors and front doors.

French doors


Blinds for these doors should not only enhance privacy but also enhance the beauty of the doors while complimenting other curtains or blinds in the room.

The type of blinds you decide to purchase depends on the amount of light you want to let into the room. If you prefer to keep  light out completely, we recommend a blackout roller or a honeycomb shade.  If you prefer to let some light in, choosing a light filter shade is advised.

Whether you want to filter light, create privacy or add color, keep the following components in mind:

Outside mount – blinds for these doors will be mounted on the outside because French doors have no depth

Door handles – The handles may get in the way of functionality. The solution is to buy shallow blinds that fit comfortably between the door and handles.

Hold brackets – when the blind is lowered, it may swing while the door is opened and closed. To prevent this, install hold down brackets to keep the bottom of the blind in place.

Sliding glass doors


Sliding doors provide easy access to outside, without invading on indoor or outdoor space. Sliding doors are a great feature that provides natural light into any room as well as a spectacular view.

Whether you want to filter light, create privacy or add color, keep the following components in mind:

If there are any other window treatments in the room, blinds need to be chosen in coordination with these other windows. Vertical cellular shades are recommended.

Siding doors open vertically; we recommended that the blinds installed open in the same direction.

Like other doors in the house, sliding doors are high traffic areas. The blinds installed should be durable and able to handle daily use.

If you would like something other than vertical blinds installed for your sliding door, a few other options are still available. Soft fabric blinds like roller blinds and roman blinds also work well.

Blinds for the front door


Front door windows present many challenges as they come in various shapes and sizes.  Both aluminum blinds and cellular shades can be used for front doors, as they are relatively inexpensive and take up little space when raised.


Once you have taken the above mentioned into account it is time to pick the style that best compliments your home’s interior.