How to choose curtains


Decorating with window treatments can be an overwhelming process. The first choice is blinds or curtains? If you do decide to go with curtains, there are a few things to keep in mind and once you’ve found the right curtains, they can make a major impact and draw together an entire look. When selecting a curtain, think about function before style. This instantly narrows down your style options. Whether you want to filter light, create a little privacy, or add colour, keep these four components in mind when picking out curtains.

 Privacy and Lighting 

  1. If you’re choosing curtains for a common area like a living room or sunroom, opt for sheer curtains to allow more light into the space.

    2. Consider a heavier fabric or a block-out lining in a room where you want more privacy or less natural light, such as a bedroom or theatre room. (In a theatre room a sound proof lining is also a good idea)

For spaces that get a lot of natural sunlight, opt for curtains in a natural hue. Sunlight
tends to fade bright coloured curtains faster.



We have a professional team that can assist in the measuring for curtains.

Curtains mounted correctly will enhance your décor and make your room feel bigger. Choose a curtain  based on the following:
Measure the height from rod to floor before hanging curtains. Remember to account for the height of the rings or hanging hardware and how much space you want between the curtains and the floor.When measuring the width of your window, consider how full you want your curtain to be. For a draped look, the curtain should be 3 times as wide as the window.


Hanging curtains closer to the ceiling can add height to your room.


When in pursuit of the perfect curtain, fabric choice is a key element to think about. Determine how the curtain will function in a space before deciding on a fabric.
For a sunnier vibe, consider a lightweight fabric, like linen or cotton. It creates a casual, airy feel in most spaces.

Add drama to a space with heavier fabrics. Heavyweight fabrics block out light and offer a more formal touch to a space.


We have a wide range of fabric available.



Style is a choice – live it!


Curtains can be made in a variety of styles. (Have a look at our showroom – Dekorhuys’s  website for more on this by clicking here)


Once you’ve evaluated the elements above, it’s time to pick a style that complements your décor. Here are a few ideas:

Pull in a hue from your colour palette with a solid or patterned window treatment.

Go bold and make a statement with colourful patterned curtains.

For a more subtle style, try a neutral patterned curtain.