How to Clean Wooden Venetian Blinds


Check the blinds to see if there are any spots or stains.
Remove the stains by rubbing a paper towel on the affected area. If they are difficult to remove, then you may use a wood cleaner before moving on to clean the blinds.
While using the wood cleaner, dab it on a soft cloth and wipe off the stain with it.
Coming to light cleaning of the blinds, you can close the blinds to make them flat and then, dust them with a light feather, microfiber, or wool duster. While dusting, prefer to brush downward rather than upward otherwise the slats may become unhooked.
You may also use a vacuum cleaner but with a soft brush attachment only; other attachments can damage the wooden blinds.
For better cleaning, wipe each slat with a soft dry cloth or a paper towel. Another easy way to clean the blinds is to wear a pair of cotton gloves or old socks and run your fingers through each slat. Moreover, you can rub a fabric softener sheet between your hands while wearing the gloves and rub your hands along each slat. Apart from removing dirt, it shall help reduce the buildup of static electricity that tends to attract dirt.
Step 4
Alternatively, you can dip a soft paintbrush (preferably of the size that fits the width of the slats) in liquid fabric softener and wipe it across the slats.
After cleaning along one side of the slat, twist the rotating drum/adjusting rod to turn the slat or simply tilt the slat to clean the other side, too. So, clean both the sides of the slats in this way.
If the blinds are too dirty, then spray a little oil soap on the blinds and wipe them down to make them look clean and shiny. Another way to make the wooden blinds appear shiny is to dab dilute wood cleaner on each slat.

Besides, you can use a mixture of a quarter cup of olive oil and a small bowl of warm water. You may also create a homemade furniture polish for varnished wood by adding a few drops of lemon essential oil in half a cup of warm water.

Additional Tips

You will have to clean wooden blinds more often than metal or plastic blinds because they tend to collect more dirt. So, you may like to dust them at least once a week to reduce dust build-up.
To clean the slats that are high up, use a proper step stool to get there comfortably. Do not hold on to the wooden blinds for support or else you may end up pulling them down. If the position of the blinds is not convenient for cleaning, you may remove them and lay them on an old sheet so that you can clean them with ease.
Do not clean wooden blinds by putting them in water as wood absorbs moisture. For sticky and stubborn stains, you may use a slightly damp (not wet) cloth, though. Make sure you dry the slats completely with a dry lint-free cloth afterward.
Do not dust or clean horizontal Venetian blinds back and forth. Just wipe them from left to right or from right to left.
After cleaning the wooden blinds, you may enhance their appearance by using a non-wax furniture polish. Apply the polish using a soft cloth. Before using the polish though, it is suggested to check with the manufacturer as to whether you can use the furniture polish or not.