How to overcome home décor phobias

It’s time to be daring, vibrant and fearless! There are so many décor “rules” that limit us to expressing our ideas; fortunately we believe rules are meant to be broken! Here are some decorating ideas that you may have been too scared to try.



It may seem yesteryear, but wallpaper has made a giant comeback! Thanks to new technology and design, you can change your wallpaper as often as your hair colour!

Stick-and-peel options allow you to try new designs every few weeks until you are completely satisfied with the chosen design.


White colour


A bold mix of colours often strikes fears among home owners, the absence thereof making them quiver. White is often perceived as a commercial look because it looks sterile.

Try testing the waters; choose a centre piece like a couch or table.  Once you have decided on a centre piece compliment it with furniture, lighting, lines and décor in different shades of white.


Layering area rugs

One of the latest trends is layering décor. Any room can be instantly brightened in minutes by just adding another area rug.

Choose variants in colour, texture or patterns to keep the style fresh and interesting!


Big furniture in small spaces

Moving into a new, small space with furniture fit for a larger environment it might seem overwhelming. Try choosing one large piece to keep and make it the focus point in the living area. Key pieces of furniture can also serve multiple purposes, like an ottoman can have a dual purpose as a coffee table or additional seating.

Keep in mind that with a focus piece of furniture, keep the rest of the room light and airy. Too much décor can make the living space seem stuffy.